40hp 4 stroke outboards sale-2024 Yamaha F40JMHDL

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2024 40hp 4 stroke outboards

sale-Yamaha F40JMHDL


Engine Type In-line 4
Displacement [cm3]
Bore × Stroke [mm]
65.0  x 75.0
Max. Prop Shaft Output
[kW (ps)] @r/min
29.4 (40) @5500
Full throttle operating
range [tr/min]5000 – 6000
Lubrication System
Wet Sump
Fuel Unleaded
Ignition system/
advance system
Electronic Ignition (TCI)
Starter system
Electric with Prime Start™
Fuel Consumption
15.2 L/h @ 5500 tr/min
Engine Transom Height
L: 536
Dry weight with
propeller[kg] 95
Oil capacity[L]1.7 / 1.5
Control Remote Control
Propeller Rotation
Alternator 14A

  • Model: F40JMHDL
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