Mercury 90 outboard-2024 4 stroke 90hp Verado boat motors sale

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2024 Mercury 90 outboard -

4 stroke 90hp Verado

boat motors sale


Type: Outboard Motor

Model: Four Stroke

Model Number:

90EXLPT SeaPro Big Tiller

Part Number: 1F9146T1D 

Series: Four Stroke

HP: 90

HP/Kw @ Prop: 90/67 

Full throttle RPM: 5000-5500 

Engine Type:

8-valve single overhead cam

(SOHC) Inline 4 

Displacement (L ): 2.1 

Bore and Stroke (in / mm):

3.5 x 3.2" / 90 x 81 mm 

Fuel Induction System:

Computer Controlled Multi-Port

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) 

Ignition: SmartCraft ECM 70

Digital Inductive 

Recommended Oil: NMMA

Certified FCW 25W-40 Synthetic


Recommended Fuel: Unleaded

Regular 87 Octane Minimum

(R+M/2) or 90 RON 10%

Ethanol Maximum 

Exhaust system: Through prop 

Alternator Amp: 35 amp / 441

watt with water-cooled voltage


Gearcase ratio: 2.38


Electric (turn-key) Smart Start Electric 

Air induction:


Scroll Intake Manifold 

Gear shift: F-N-R 

Shaft length: 25" / 635mm 

Rotation: Standard 

Compatible with SmartCraft

digital technology: Yes 

Engine Protection Operator

Warning System:

SmartCraft Engine Guardian 

Steering: Tiller Handle 

Lubrication System:

Integrated Dry Sump 

Dry Weight: * Lightest model

available 363lbs / 166kg 

Maximum Trim Range:

22° (-6° to 16°) 

Maximum Tilt Range:

70° (-6° to 64°) 




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