Yamaha T25LA High Thrust Outboard Motor sale-4 stroke 2023

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2023 Yamaha T25LA High Thrust

Outboard Motor sale-4 stroke


Type: Yamaha 25 outboards sale

Model: 25 HP High Thrust
Model Number: T25LA
Series: High Thrust
HP: 25
Engine Type: 2-cylinder 
Horsepower: 25 hp 
Fuel Induction System:
Shaft Length: 20 inch 
Weight: 203 lbs. 
Control Type: Remote Mech
Propeller: Aluminum 
Command Link System: No 
CARB Rating: 3 Star 
Starting System: Electric 
Propeller: Aluminum 
Power Trim and Tilt: Yes

  • Model: 505
  • Shipping Weight: 203lbs
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