Yamaha 250 outboards-boat motors sale 4 stroke 25'' shaft F250XA

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2024 Yamaha 250 outboards-boat motors sale 4 stroke 25'' shaft F250XA

Model: 250 HP Four Stroke V6 3.3L

Model Number: F250XA
Series: Four Stroke V6 3.3L 
Engine Type: V6 (60°) 
Displacement: 204.6 ci (3352 cc) 
Prop Shaft Horsepower: 250@5500RPM 
Compression Ratio: 9.9
RPM Range: 5000-6000 
Fuel Induction System: DOHC Fuel Injection VCT 
Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline (minimum pump octane 87) 
Exhaust: Thru prop 
Ignition System: TCI Micro Computer 
CARB Rating: 3-Star 
Alternator Output at WOT: 46A 
Starting System: Electric 
Lubrication: Wet Sump 
Oil Capacity: 5.9 quarts 
Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube 4M 
Gear Ratio: 15
Control Type: Remote Mechanism 
Weight: 602 lb (273kg) 
Command Link System: Optional Equipment 
Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection System UCP: Standard Feature 
Power Trim and Tilt: Yes 
Shaft Length: 25 inch 
Rotation: Right 
Propeller: Optional Equipment 
Tiller Handle Kit: No 
Freshwater Flush: Yes 
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat - 1 Year Limited Commercial 
Engine Sensing Warning System: Yes 
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard: Optional 
Fuel Management Gauge: Optional 
Multi-Function Speedometer/Fuel Management Gauge: Optional 
Multi-Function Tachometer: Optional 
Ultimate Corrosion Protection System: Yes 
Electronic Fuel Injection: Yes 
External Tilt Switch: Yes 
High Output Alternator: Yes 
Micro-Computer Ignition System: Yes 
Multi-Charge Monitoring System: Yes 
Sure-Seal Tri Latch: Yes 
Thermostatic Cooling System: Yes 
Counter Rotation: Optional 
Remote Steering: Yes 
Command Link Gauges: Optional

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