2024 Suzuki DF250APXW Four Stroke 250hp Boat Motor Sale

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2024 Suzuki DF250APXW Four

Stroke 250hp Boat Motor Sale

Model:  250HP Four

Stroke outboards

Model Number: 
Series:  4 Stroke
HP:  250
Model: DF250APXW 
Shaft Length: (25") 
Weight (Lbs): (604 lbs) 
Cylinders:  V6 (55°) 
245.6 (4028) 
Bore and Stroke
3.81 x 3.46 
Operating Range: 
5700 - 6300 (RPM) 
Fuel Delivery System: 
Multi Point Sequential
Electronic Fuel Injection
with Lean Burn and
Oxygen Sensor 
Starting System: 
Electric -
Suzuki Start System 
Oil Tank Capacity: 8.5 
Solid State Direct Ignition 
12V 54A 
Rotation:  Standard (Right) 
Trim Type: 
Power Trim and Tilt 
Gear Ratio:  2.08 
Steering:  Remote 

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