2024 Yamaha VF90LA V MAX SHO 90hp 4 stroke outboards motor sale

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1.832 cc
No. of cylinders/configuration
4/in-line, 16-valve, SOHC
Bore x stroke
81.0 x 88.9 mm
Prop shaft output at mid range
66.2 kW / 90 HP
Full throttle operating range
5,000-6,000 r/min
Lubrication system
Wet sump
Fuel Induction System
Ignition / advance system
Starter system
Electric with Prime Start™
Gear ratio
2.33 (28/12)
Recommended boat transom height
L: 516 mm / X: 643 mm
Oil pan capacity
3.2 L / 3.0 L
Weight without propeller
162kg - 166kg
Remote Control
Trim & tilt method
Power Trim & Tilt
Lighting Coil / Alternator
12 V – 35 A w. rectifier / regulator
Engine immobiliser
YCOP optional
Variable Trolling RPM
With DN Gauges
Shallow Water Drive
Tilt limitter
Digital Network Gauge (6Y8/6YC)
Shift Dampener System (SDS)

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