Yamaha generators sale-2022 petrol EF10500E(8KVA)

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2022 Yamaha generators sale-petrol EF10500E(8KVA)

Type Brushless, synchronous / single-phase AC

Rated voltage (V) 220

Frequency (Hz) 50

Rated output (kVA) 5

Max output (kVA) 6


Type 4-stroke petrol

Starting system Recoil

L*W*H (mm) 670*535*565

Dry Weight (kg) 80

Engine MZ360 : 4-stroke OHV pressure air cooled

Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 28

Operating hours (Hr) 1/2 Load: 17.5

Rated Load:12.0

Noise Level (db A)(7m) 70.7

Autonomy(H) 11

Displacement(cm3) 358

Voltage regulator Capacitor

Circuit breaker system AC:Electro magnetic

  • Model: EF10500E
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