Yamaha 350 outboards sale-4 stroke V8 boat motor F350XCC

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2024 Yamaha F350XCC Offshore 5.3L V8 Outboard Motor sale

Type: Outboard Motor

Model: 350 HP Four Stroke V8 Outboard
Model Number: F350XCC
Series: Offshore 5.3L V8
HP: 350
Engine Type: 60° V8 DOHC 32-valve
Displacement: 5330cc (5.3L)
Bore x Stroke: 94 x 96mm (3.70 x 3.78 in.)
Prop Shaft Horsepower: 350 HP 
Fuel/Induction System: EFI/DOHC
Compression Ratio: 9.6
Starting System: Electric
Lubrication: Wet Sump 
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000 - 6000 rpm
Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube® 4M (See owner's manual)
Recommended Fuel: Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 89)
Gear Ratio: (26
Shaft Length: 25" 
Dry Weight: 763 lbs.
Rotation: Standard 
Warranty: F350C
Power Trim & Tilt:
Four Stroke V8 Outboard:
Large Displacement (5.3L):
Narrow 60° Block Design:
Variable Camshaft Timing:
Long Track Induction System:
Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection:
8 Independent Fuel Injectors:
4 Large Radius Valves Per Cylinder:
Large Intake Valve Lift:
Double Overhead Camshafts:
In-Bank™ Exhaust:
Exhaust Pressure Reduction System:
Meets All Current Federal EPA Emmision Standards:
Saltwater Series XL-SDS™ Compatible:
TCI Microcomputer:
Electronic Single Throttle Valve (81mm):
Dimpled Cylinder Sleeves:
Wet Sump System:
Engine Warning System:
Water Cooled Rectifier/ Regulator:
Water Separator:
Direct Ignition:
YDC-30 Aluminum Alloy:
Phaze Five™ Paint System:
Top Mounted Electrical:
Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection System (UCP-II™):
High Output Alternator:
SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts:
SST Steering Tube:
Magnetic Drain Plug:
Dual Water Intake Gearcase:
Programmable Tilt Stop:
Freshwater Flush:
Reversible PTT Switch:
Single Belt Drive System:
Counter Rotation "LF" Model:
Multi-Charge Monitoring System:
Description: GET THE BEST AND FORGET THE REST. Yamaha's purpose-built 5.3-liter 350-horsepower V8 outboard surges to the front of the fleet when it comes to thrust and trust for moving big, offshore beasts. Now Yamaha's new F350C model becomes the only outboard in its horsepower class to feature a five-year limited warranty, because reliability and confidence are important when you're taking control of the open water.

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