Yamaha 30HMHS 30hp 2 Stroke CAMO Outboard motor sale-short shaft

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2024 Yamaha 30HMHS

30hp 2 Stroke CAMO Outboard

Engine Short Shaft

Engine specifications:
2-cylinder. 2-stroke.
Working volume (cc): 496
Compression Ratio: 7.0
Horsepower (horsepower): 30
Diameter of the cylinder x
stroke of the piston (mm):
72 x 61
Range of max. engine speed:
4500-5500 rpm
Ignition system: CDI
Purge: Simultaneous charging
Power system: 1 carburetor
Fuel tank (liter): 24
Max. fuel consumption (l / h):
Lubrication system: pre-mixing
Proportion of fuel-oil mixture:
50: 1
Starter: Manual
Control system: tiller
Gear Shift Mechanism: FNR
Gear Ratio: 2.08 (27/13)
Exhaust system: through
the propeller hub
(JET (Reactive) system)
Drive gear of the propeller:
splined connection
Engine transom height:
S 423 mm (16.7 inches)
Dry weight with propeller:
53.0 kg
Differential and reclining:
Lanyard lanyard for
engine stop - yes
The deviation of the motor
when driving in shallow
water is
Alternator: 80 W
(coil only light)
Starter lock at reverse -

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