Yamaha 250hp 2 Stroke HPDI Engine sale-Extra Long Shaft Z250DETO

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2024 Yamaha 250hp 2 Stroke

HPDI Engine sale-Extra Long

Shaft Z250DETO




Engine specifications:

2-stroke. 76 - V6 HPDI

Working volume (cc): 3342

Horsepower (hp): 250

Diameter of the cylinder x

stroke of the piston (mm):

93 x 82

Range of max. engine speed:

4500-5500 rpm

Fuel Induction System: HPDI

Lubrication system: Oil injection

Starter: Prime Start

Trim & Tilt: PTT

Gear Ratio: 1.81 (29/16)

Engine transom height:

X 641 mm (25.2 inches)

Dry weight with propeller:

252.0 kg



  • Model: 791
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