Suzuki 350 Outboards for sale-2024 4 stroke motor

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2024 Suzuki 350 Outboards for sale 4 stroke motor


Over the course of our history in the marine industry, Suzuki has been recognized for our 4-stroke seven times by the National Marine Manufacturers Association for having the most innovative new outboards. This recognition for innovation has also been coupled with many firsts, including the first fuel injected 4-stroke outboards in 1997, the
first 250 horsepower 4-stroke outboard in 2003 and the worlds first 300 horsepower 4-stroke outboard in 2006.

Join us as we introduce the next milestone in our storied history, the 350 horsepower DF350A, Suzukis Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard.

  • Model: 430
  • Shipping Weight: 722lbs
  • 48 Units in Stock

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