Suzuki 225HP outboard engines sale-4 stroke boat motor DF225XX

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2024 Suzuki 225HP outboard engines sale-

4 stroke boat motor DF225XX 


Manufacturer Suzuki Marine
Model DF225XX
Engine Type DOHC 24-valve, V6 (55�)
Horsepower 225 hp
Displacement 220.5 ci (3,614 cc)
Bore x Stroke 3.74 x 3.35 in. (95 x 85 mm)
RPM 5,000 - 6,000
Fuel Induction Multi-point sequential EFI
Ignition Solid state direct
Starting Electric
Gear Ratio 2.29:1
Alternator 12V 54A
Transom Height 30 in.
Weight 591 lbs.
Steering Remote
Trim System Power trim and tilt
Propeller Options 17 - 27.5
Colors Shadow Black Metallic, Cool White
Standard Features
  Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
  Multi-stage induction
  Two-stage gear reduction system
  Offset driveshaft
  Direct ignition
  Over-rev. limiter
  Low oil pressure caution
  Fully transistorized ignition
  Timing chain
  Fresh water flushing system
  Power trim and tilt
  Tilt limit
  Speedometer pickup on gear case
  Standard color is Shadow Black Metallic, now available in Cool White
  Suzuki anti-corrosion system
Shadow Black Metallic
Cool White

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