115HP 4 Stroke sale-2024 Yamaha F115BETX/FL115BETX

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2024 115HP 4 Stroke sale- Yamaha



Architecture L4

Bore x Stroke (mm) 81.0 X 88.9

Displacement (cc) 1832

Engine Type In-line 4

Fuel Wet Sump

Fuel consumption (L/h-tr/min)

38.9 L/h @5800 r/min

Full throttle operating range (tr/min)


Gear Ratio

Ignition System Electronic ignition (TCI)

Lubrication system Unleaded

Max.Prop Shaft Horsepower (Kw)

84.6 (115 hp)

Maximum Power (Kw)

Number of Displacement

Power system

Electronic Injection (EFI)

Reduction ratio 10.0 :1

Reverse direction

Start-up Electric with Prime Start

Steering Control

Trim method (positions)


Alternator 35 A

Control Remote Control

Propeller Rotation Clockwise


Dry weight with propeller (kg) 185

Engine Oil Capacity (L)

Engine transom height (mm)

X : 643 (25.3 inch)

Oil capacity (L) 3.2 L / 3.0 L

  • Model: f115betx
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